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In Dari -one of Afghanistan’s official languages- Safrang is an old word that can best be translated as ‘commentary’ and ‘analysis’. Accordingly, this weblog will be regularly updated with analysis of social and political events that take place in Afghanistan. The contents reflect my take of the events and do not represent the views of any other individual or group, unless indicated otherwise. Please feel free to post responses as you read the articles.
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  1. Des says:

    Arghand and ACS both seemed to benefit from Chayes backgound. She haelped with a radio station and had worked with NPR. She financed Arghand from Mercy Corps, which she ran – which was financed by USAID. She worked closely with the Green Berets during and after the invasion and embedded hersel with Mercy corps.

    The members of Arghand are all Karzai borthers and siters in laws that were involved in afghanistan back in 1998. This allowed Karzai to move into power nicely and his family was well paid throgh Chayes and the NGOs.

    Chayes is from Cambridge and her father taught at the univesrity. He was also a close advisor to Kennedy, who started Peace Corps, which Sarah Chayes served. This history got her the job at NPR and the rest is history.

    As far as her being CIA, there was alot of money from AID going to Mercy Corps. She was with the Green Berets during and after the invasion, also started by Kennedy(PeaceCorps with guns, same training), and the director of the poppy program for the DEA was also the Director of Peace Corps. Chayes and the Peace Corps model seemed to work well for the invasion and pacification of Afghanistan- two phases: Green Berets and Peace. It is a model based on another war and so is the Poppy Program.

    Chayes went for the whole Karzai family, an easy way to Hamid Karzai. Selecting this leader also involved Chalabi who was not approved by this group. Chayes provided money for the NGOs that Karzai and his family were involved with and deemed herself ‘close’ to the leadership.

    A couple of months ago Chayes announced she was going to the US to sell her book, just before the ‘insurgency’ broke out. At the same time she denounced Karazai who just announced he is leaving. So, Chayes may have been good for financing, but used this to get close to karzai and his family and when she felt they were no longer needed denounced them and the government – went of to sell her book, advise governments and militaries regarding her five year work in Afghanistan.

    Chayes is more a study on how to use a family and a country and how to leave them when done, which is why there always were CIA rumors. The invasion and pacification is a nice journey for Abrahm Chaye’s daughter-Kennedy, Green Berets, Peace Corps, etc. I am sure Sarah Chayes appreciates the invasion, drug erradication, and pacifiaction of Afghanistan in her history as a family and her service.

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