Moussaoui Trial Mishaps

(Courtesy of the Onion)

A Virginia court is currently hearing the sentencing trial for Zacarias Moussaoui, a confessed Sept. 11 conspirator. What has gone wrong in the trial so far?
(View the infographic here)

>> In five sessions in a row, goat ate stenographer’s notes

>> Judge had hard time buying that no one on jury had ever heard of Sept. 11

>> Evidence revealed flight-simulator program on which Moussaoui trained was pirated

>> Proceedings delayed when courtroom sketch artist kept telling judge and attorneys to hold still

>> Henry Fonda selected as Juror No. 8

>> Defense attorney Edward MacMahon just kept chuckling and repeating his witnesses’ funniest statements

>> More than anything else, primitive and sluggish judicial system

[This was posted on the Onion on April 1. I don’t think it was meant as an April fool’s day joke (if it was, I must admit I fell for it. Yet from what I glean about the Moussaoui trial, I find this believable).
Except that I had not the slightest idea who Henry Fonda was, I found the other ones quite amusing.

One Response to Moussaoui Trial Mishaps

  1. Daniel says:


    The Onion website isn’t a news site but more of satire, not to be taken seriously.

    Off topic, I like your blog and enjoyed reading your perspective on current affairs.–>

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