And the award for the boldest movie of 2005 goes to…

THE YEAR 2005 has been a bold one for the movie industry. From exposing the criminal menage-a-trois between pharmaceutical corporations-aid agencies-Western governments in Africa; to providing an insight into the power of the oil lobby in Washington; to challenging the macho masculinity surrounding the image of the American Cowboy; to revealing the terror and trauma of Israeli vengeance; to opening up the world of the frustrated, humiliated, confused, and misguided Palestinian suicide bombers, to…

Perhaps the movie industry has finally caught up with the reality that surrounds life today. Or maybe movie-goers/watchers are becoming sophisticated and responding to narratives that inform and educate them rather than mere escapist entertainment that makes them feel good while insulting their intelligence. Or maybe the world is becoming such a shady place that everywhere you look there is something hidden to be exposed about the powerful doing awful things to the powerless. I am not sure what it is, but in an explicable way I don’t feel as bad watching movies anymore. I don’t even feel that I am being entertained only, rather, that I am witnessing things. All goes to make me feel less guilty about time spent away from schoolwork -all the better excuse for procrastination.

I just finished watching The Constant Gardener -yet another contender for the title of the boldest film of 2005. So far I am looking at a 5-way tie between the following titles, and I need help deciding. Maybe you kind readers of this blog can help in with picking the winner and the runner ups. Pitch in with your thoughts on who should we give away the honorific title of “SAFRANG’S BOLDEST MOVIE OF THE YEAR” to. Here are my preferences, in order:

1. The Constant Gardener
2. Paradise Now
3. Brokeback Mountain
4. Syriana
5. Munich

(You may not have watched all of these, in which case my advice to you is to rent them out over the next few weekends and watch them. Great and informative -and at times bloody depressing- entertainment!)


7 Responses to And the award for the boldest movie of 2005 goes to…

  1. Zak says:

    haven’t seen brokeback or munich or constant gardner..I did like syriana

  2. There has always been a crop of thought provoking movies available if you know where to look for them (the dusty and forlorn shelves of “foreign cinema” section at your local library typically). I find most of them to have close similarities or sometimes tangantial bearing on the situation in Afghanistan. But human predicament is what is universal, regardless of whether it is framed in grand sweeping corporate greed flicks or the setting of a small village in Africa. The problem with Hollywood stuff is that it tends to be too bland and weak on the edges – Syriana was cut down to size to improve it’s marketability (it is after all a business and incidentally my critque of being “middle of the road” for the sake of being “middle of the road” doesn’t confer any wisdom).

    That being said I have only seen Syriana and Brokeback Mountain. Syriana is good and I am much impressed by the writer, though I found Brokeback Mountain a tad bit weak. The prattle surrounding that movie was also annoying: the theme is not of universal love, though it may be caste that way. It’s much harder to be gay and love another man in any society because you have to overcome one more step than merely loving a girl/boy from another tribe, religion or country.

  3. Dil-E-Nadaan says:

    Constant Gardner is my vote: A good mix of a far away continent, with all too familiar intricacies and jealousies of intimate relationships. A good mix of a idealistic free spirit and the seriousness of politics.

  4. Anonymous says:

    a new movie by Deepa Mehta “Water” is coming…watch out

  5. Adrian says:

    unfortunately, i’ve only seen the constant gardener – i did a post on it back in november.

    thanks for stopping by at my blog.

  6. homeinkabul says:

    I haven’t seen any of the movies. But I’ll put them on the list. Have you seen Lord of War? My room-mate watched it recently and gave it mixed reviews. I’d be interested in what you think of it.

  7. Khakestari says:

    سلام و تشکر از اینکه به وب انگلیسی ام سر زده بودید البته آن وب کار خوبی نیست تا حدی هم مسخره است…ولی به هرحال تشکر

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