Back for a Quickie

I called it “Taking Note of the Big Elephant.”

The good Robert Fisk has called it “Breaking the Last Taboo.”

Read Fisk’s excellent article on Mearsheimer & Walt’s study on the power of the Israel lobby in shaping the US foreign policy. For my kind Farsi readers, here is a BBC analysis of Fisk’s article:

“ايالات متحده اسراييل”
Here is a passage from Fisk’s essay:

“The two men (John Mearsheimer & Stephen Walt) have caused one of the most extraordinary political storms over the Middle East in recent American history by stating what to many non-Americans is obvious: that the US has been willing to set aside its own security and that of many of its allies in order to advance the interests of Israel, that Israel is a liability in the “war on terror”, that the biggest Israeli lobby group, Aipac (the American Israel Public Affairs Committee), is in fact the agent of a foreign government and has a stranglehold on Congress – so much so that US policy towards Israel is not debated there – and that the lobby monitors and condemns academics who are critical of Israel.” Read more…

And now that that’s out of the way, yes, I am back for a quickie. In fact, I never did go away. Mea culpa. I admit it, I could not keep away from the blogosphere. Certain blogs have become an addiction: have GOT TO visit them at least once a day, even if in the middle of writing a 30-page long paper with 70 citations and 8 pages of charts and graphs.
Here are the ones I would hold most culpable of stealing me away from work at least once a day: Hatif, Kabulog, the Slug, Ethnically Incorrect, Home-in-Kabul, Nik-o-bad (I like how Y. Rasooli has borrowed Nietzche’s “Beyond Good and Evil” – love that man and his crazy books), Ghazalenow (which has been awfully inactive lately- I thirst for Saiidi’s ghazals), Dil-e-Naadan (source of helpful study prayers- my belief in them grow as the deadlines approach), the Destitute Rebel, Imaculate Info (Times have been good to his cause lately, power to the Nepali people!) , V.Pyjama (source of daily snapshots of life in Kabul- alongwith Kabulog, except that Pyjama -I think- is a Western expat and hence securely caged, and from what I read, unhappy about it), Rickshaw Diaries, Koonj, Iranian Truth, Mental Mayhem, and…
There, if you ever wondered what my favorites were- and I highly recommend them to you. I don’t feel like inserting links for all of these, so you are on your own -and chances are, you frequent them too.
On the schoolwork front, I am disappointed to report: 1 down, 2 to go. I did my Finance paper on “Finance & Growth: Examining the Relationship between Financial Development and Economic Growth.” Would be glad to send it off to all parties interested, just email me. The Afghanistan state building paper and the Afghanistan EconDev paper loom large on the horizon.
Lastly, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! to everyone for leaving kind comments and words of encouragement. I was touched and motivated.
A couple more weeks and I shall be a graduate, an alumni, a B.A. in International Political Economy, an intern, a hound for grad schools, and I promise, a much more active blogger. Man! so many shiny new shoes to fill!
In the mean time, I hope to write as life happens and work allows.

One Response to Back for a Quickie

  1. homeinkabul says:

    thanks for the shout-out! I’m going to write more after finals (sigh – can’t wait until it’s over, bakhair!)

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