Hijood ?!

I was recently censured for saying that this thing looked “rediculous.” While I concede that I should have employed different phrasing such as: funny, silly, hilarious, or buffoonish, my position remains.

Tell me what you think.

Depending on your answers, I will do one or more of the following:
a) Pat my back and say I was right all along,
b) Concede that you have a point, but give you the reasons why I think it looks rediculous,
c) Close down this blog, change my location and I.P. address, be thankful that I wrote this blog under a pseudonym all along, and go into hiding.

No seriously, I would like to know what everybody thinks:


10 Responses to Hijood ?!

  1. Hajar says:

    It looks silly.
    But, on the other hand, if a sister really likes to swim…I guess it’s better to look silly than to give up her hijab…

  2. Q. A. Shah says:

    but why not just have a women’s only event? if you’re gonna make women’s swimming a mixed event…eh you know my point, seem to agree.

    my only question is what is there a littly puffy extra bit of cloth behind her head?

  3. Q. A. Shah says:

    Also, i just noticed this…why is there a scantily clad man(?) in the background?

  4. Vasco Pyjama says:

    Hmmmm… in the short term, I agree with Hajar’s comment. But then, you know, I’m also wondering why there are different standards of modesty for men and women.

  5. Baraka says:

    Yes, it looks ridiculous.

    But feminism is about choices, and offering the hijood means that some women who would otherwise not feel comfortable participating in sports or fitness activities, now will.

    Women’s hours or gyms are not always an option in the US & can be unavailable or expensive respectively.

    Personally it’s not something I would wear but I’m glad that my sisters who wear the hijab now have one more option.

    (As for the extra wiggly bit on the hijood – it’s for long hair wrapped up in a bun I believe)


  6. To me it is like insisting that you should wear your trousers as a hat.

  7. sume says:

    Actually, it does look silly but that is just my opinion just like yours is yours, neither of which means squat.

    I would agree with Baraka though in that it’s the choice that’s important. Women have sorely suffered from having their choices either limited by society or taken away altogether.

    Unfortunately, it is still “a man’s world” and women must navigate through it the best they can. I suppose this could be considered a compromise, appearances be damned.

  8. Hafez says:

    Women should decide

  9. pumuckl says:

    as a swiss I should be happy with compromises, but I still struggle with some facts in this world. of course, at least she has a choice now. I guess it is a path on the way to more freedom. but still I feel like sitting down and cry, because I just don’t get it… what’s the name of the game??? what is this all about? fear?

  10. mari sanam says:

    i think she looks like a telly tubby – one of those characters from the pbs station… there are better islamic bathin suits made from turkey and one from alibaba.com… but to me, still not good enuf.. if they could make oen that looks like a wet suit (kinda like what surfers where) – but shalwar kameez type of design… i’d probably buy it.. if it is attractive for me…
    anyway, check my blog

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