The Surayanarayana Saga: Curiouser by the Day

May 3, 2006

The Surayanarayana Saga is finding newer twists. It is usually not a good sign when stories like this find a life of their own, and I am getting suspicious that there is more to it than we know. It was not good to begin with. It was tragic, shameful, and barbaric how this Indian telecom worker was held hostage and later beheaded on the highway between Kabul and Kandahar- Taliban remnants claimed responsibility.

What has ensued is a chaotic blame-game: everyone blaming everyone else -India blaming Pakistan, who is blaming both India and Afghanistan, who is blaming Mr. Surayanarayana for being neglectful and not heeding to cautions from the security personnel, who are being blamed for not providing neither security nor precautions.

Add to this the questionable practice of many international agencies in dispatching expats into the dangerzone assorted by skin-tone and country of citizenship -as suggested by expat aid worker and blogger Vasco-Pyjama (who, by the way, is in turn blamed for and has been getting negative reviews for suggesting something so distasteful.)

And to top it all off, the intrigues of a newly exposed marital triangle has engulfed the Suranarayana posterity as a woman and child have come forward to claim part of the compensation for Surayanarayana’s death, thus prompting Mrs. Surayanarayana (the first) to down a bottle of some strong insecticide in a failed attempt to committ suicide.

With the case getting fast out of hand, I guess we all understand how a journalist compatriot of Mr. Surayanarayan felt when -presumably because of the national significance of this story- decided upon an emergency suspension of certain rules of English grammar and reported that “Suryanarayana’s death gets curiouser“.