Rambling Lolita in Tehran

(a much denser version than Nabokov’s)

In the first instance of personal correspondence at the level of heads of state between the two countries since 1979, on Monday President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran sent a letter to the American President George Bush.
After being briefed on the contents (no, he did not read it) Dubya found it of little interest and has shrugged it off .

The letter, which is 18 pages long, is reportedly riddled with “history, philosophy, and religion”.

My question is…

…what was Ahmadinejad thinking?


As for Ahmadinejad, he has outdone himself yet again in eccentricity and disdain for the conventions and pretenses that define diplomatic protocol.

I would like to think what lies ahead:

Mr. Ahmadinejad goes to Washington!

(and catches Bush by surprise in the Oval Office, whereupon he performs his favorite trick on him:)


Speaking of which…

Wouldn’t the two leaders make perfect …uhm…buddies? Think of it: the two rival each other in their love of simplicity, lack of concern for pomp and formalism, unpretentiousness, and straightforward, down-to-earth attitude.

My God! That’s it! Imagine the possibilities! As the late John Lennon would sing:

Imagine all the leaders,

kissin’ and makin’ love…

You may say I’m a rantin’

and maybe you are right.

But let me say this first: we can be sure that finally a d’etente would be at hand on this whole nuclear issue.

Well, there is no guarantee that in that case the French will not declare a war, but everyone knows that they would surrender soon.

Ok, I will stop here.



6 Responses to Rambling Lolita in Tehran

  1. Excellent Javaid. Are you trying to beat Maureen Dowd? I guess you did..

  2. hatif says:

    dear hamisha,
    ahmadi nezhad has a problem,though. he ,as shouted from rooftop by himself,consumes a lot of cheese. and you know,given that there is a persian proverb, when some one gets too much cheese he is more likely to lessen his chance of wisdom. i am not sure about W.Bush’s breakfast, but i can assume that if both leaders, upon meeting each other, have a cheesy table, then we will suffer a neuclear blust in the day after.
    i enjoyed this piece a lot. Sabz bemaani.

  3. Couldn’t resist could you?

  4. Q. A. Shah says:

    Admit it. The whole point of the post was that you needed a vehicle to post that picutre of Ahmedinajad kissing the dude on the lips.

  5. Q. A. Shah says:

    Here is a serious question, well semi-serious: when did you drop the Hakim Bey reference inthe blog title?

  6. Zak says:

    haha that was funny..you never know the letter might work..after all only Nixon could go to China..

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