From the short-lived euphoria of a recent graduate

May 21, 2006

Coming to think of it, those times of regularly updating Safrang may have had something to do with blogging being more exciting than doing schoolwork! No, I am not yet in the used-to-profusion-catchphrase ‘Real world’ to be too busy to post. Just that I am being generally lazy, living up the life of a recent college graduate, catching up on sleep, reading Number 9 Dream, voraciously consuming hollywood (most recently United 93 in theatre, Capote on DVD), listening to everything from Jagjit Singh to Jethro Tull, shooting (mostly photos of a beautiful lake by the house), being with friends and family, and going to one lavish Afghan wedding ceremony. All those promises made to myself while doing schoolwork and preparing for exams till late at night and somehow still managing to regularly post here that Safrang shall never go un-updated again?
Such inconsistency, such lack of loyalty.
But I am genuinely touched by your consistency, the kind visitor here. Thank you for the regular visits and the kind messages (which I hope to reply in another post.) It all encourages me to return and update. Somehow I feel like I owe it to however small a number of people who happen by here to let you know what befell me since last, and yes, to share how I internalize events and occurences in our common reality. For now I am still in that honeymoon stage, the short-lived euphoria of a recent college graduate.
Oh, and here is the evidence. (Yes, that is a pin of Afghanistan’s flag, also appearing to my right in the picture above taken on campus -wanted to make sure everyone understood that I hail from the war-torn place, shall return to it, and wish that my small achievements will one day hopefully contribute to the prosperity of its people.)