\Slanted Eyes/

July 31, 2006

Dear readers,

Thank you for the visits, comments, ideas, and critiques. You have been most kind to Safrang over the months, and provided me with whatever motivation was needed beyond the pure joy of procrastinating to write here.

The good news is, I intend to keep Safrang alive, albeit in an incarnated form. The even better news is, hereafter I have decided to collablog (collaborative blogging -I just coined the term) with another prolific blogger (Ali) of Slanted Eyes. The bad news? Well, I don’t believe in that stuff.
Visit us here:


Treat \Slanted Eyes/ as the *NEW & IMPROVED* Safrang. Double the wit, double the insight, one-tenth the clutter.
I look forward to your visits/comments there.
Thank you and Godspeed!