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October 27, 2006

My abortive migration to Slanted Eyes, I have realized, was due more to my own slothfulness than anything else. It certainly had nothing to do with the kindness and responsiveness of this blog’s readers.

Maybe I just needed a break from sharing my thoughts for some time. Maybe all it takes to get me blogging again is something to keep me busy enough in my offline life -like my graduate school applications now- that I will take to spending more time blogging. (It is true that the escapism of blogging continues to remain its most attractive attribute for me.) And maybe, just maybe, I was getting plain tired of the blogger service, and of all the bells and whistles that adorned the old safrang.

Either way, kudos to the writer of Slanted Eyes for rolling a welcome mat when I put the idea of collablogging to him.

I will continue to entertain the idea of a joint blog with a few like minds in the future. But I have also realized that we all need a tiny private corner of the web to call our very own. It seems Safrang is just that kind of a place for me: a “Temporary Autonomous Zone” of sorts, as I came to call it.

So I am back with a resolve to write and share -as before, on Afghanistan, and on everything under the sun.
I hope many of Safrang’s readers will make the move along. It has been a pleasure to knowing that you read my thoughts, and God knows it has been a pleasure whenever you have chosen to comment on them. I hope to continue hearing from you. (In the mean time, I will try to transfer the old safrang’s archives over this this service too.)

Welcome back to Safrang: opinion, judgement, cynicism, existential angst, and prayer dished out daily (or regularly at least.)


5 Responses to Safrang in WordPress

  1. Q says:

    Changing the link right quick. Glad to see you’re back. Good luck w/ the grad school apps. What are you thinking of studying?

  2. safrang says:

    Thanks Q for the visit/comment.
    Something in the general area of politics and law is what I am thinking of right now. Preferably a PhD program that is long enough in duration to defer my entry into the cynicism of real life for a bit longer (after a summer in DC, I have realized I cannot put up with it much and so hope to lock myself up in the ivory tower for as long as possible) -and also because of the funding incentives.
    Hope Kabul has been treating you well. Read your stay there is extended now for some time. Good, I can read about Afghanistan more from you.
    Yes, I need luck. And a good dose of motivation.

  3. Q says:

    Oh, I’m envious. I”m constantly thinking it’s time for me to return to school. Definately defer you entry into real life and it’s cynicism. Go for the cynicism of the academic life, it never seemed as trying.

    Kabul has been treating me well. As you probably know, the weather this time of year is spectacular (though the chill is coming in), and Kabul has remained relatively quiet. I’ll try to keep posting on Afghanistan, but I’ll need some motivation. Throw and occasional and pointed question my way…that may help.

  4. safrang says:

    Been trying to, Q. Your blog’s comments tool does not seem to be terribly cooperative. Can I entice you into a hegira to WordPress?
    I am very happy with WP so far. The move may even provide you with some of that motivation that comes with trying all things new and shiny. And besides, you don’t have to worry about others losing track of all your old posts. They have a sort of UHaul tool here that brings everything over, comments included.
    Enjoy my loveliest season of Kabul. I envy YOU!

  5. Q says:

    The comment seems to have stuck this time around. I got the email and everything. I may consider the hegira…i just don’t know if the caravan will follow. Though it’s not much of a caravan, and the regulars are friends back home, whom I hope and believe would follow an easy link and reset the bookmarks.

    Also, does wordpress let you use Moveable Type? I had a brief foray on a “collablog” (short lived as well) that used MT, and it was easy enough to post with that. It may make me willing to give up the pre-set templates.

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