On Afghanistan

No. I am not going to write about Afghanistan. Not now.
I am unable to bring myself to write on this subject. Especially these days it is a big wad of unpleasant news. And I am in denial.

What is there to write about that has not already been written, opined on anyways? It just seems like an old, tiring cycle -one that anybody with a cursory glance at our sorry history would know has been repeating itself for at least three centuries now. Especially the last few decades has been a nightmarish deja vu. And all the noise around leaves little appetite to add one’s own voice to the solemn chorus. You can’t get creative here. And creativity, experimenting with new ideas, is a big part of the blogging experience for me. Am I too selfish?

And let’s face it: when all you hear is Afghanistan, at work, in school, on your homepage of BBC Persian for Afghanistan, at lectures, in talks, in your conversations, it just becomes too much to handle. Remember, for me the major attraction of blogging is in it’s escapism.

And so, for those who come here for news and opinion on Afghanistan from an Afghanistani, well, sorry to disappoint. This one is just too tired of it all himself.

But then again you can always count on the regular occurence of one or another collossal adversity happening that wonderful country of mine, enough to leave me sad and stupefied enough to come here and want to share my thoughts on it with you.


4 Responses to On Afghanistan

  1. roya says:

    new home! congradulation…

  2. safrang says:

    Thanks R.
    (told you I could not help it!)

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