Al-Jazeera English Launched Today

There is no shortage of controversies surrounding Al-Jazeera. A self-styled “voice of the oppressed south,” it is widely villified in the US as the voice of terror, and in the Middle East for the platform that it provides for dissenting voices (one notable episode being Wafa Sultan’s, opined on earlier in this blog.)

All of this, along with the surprisingly high quality of the studios, anchors, and the news so far -not just for a Middle Eastern media outlet- gives me more than ample reasons to like it. It has yet to prove its mettle in independence and quality in the longer run as it competes with other, more established global outlets.

Watch the very first Al-Jazeera English broadcast on YouTube here.

Watch Al-Jazeera English (livestream television) here.


2 Responses to Al-Jazeera English Launched Today

  1. hatif says:

    dear hamisha,
    i am so glad you produce and introduce such a great amount of information and analysis in recent days. Please slow down and allow us some time to catch up with your posts. you know i am growing older ,complaining too much!
    take care,

  2. Afghan LORD says:

    Dear Hamisha,

    i am very happy to see such posts as they are very infomative. Hey i am writing the drafts on Afghan PenLOg committee i need your comments while eventually i got the result. I will send you and kindly asking for adding your notes.

    It is a bit puzzled you are moving us around. One day in blogger and in the other day in WordPress. what happened with the previous?

    keep good work i will do linking your post after but i need to be informed pal!


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