Disturbing Incident of Police Brutality in UCLA

Excerpt below taken from the description of a video of the incident posted on YouTube:

An Iranian-American UCLA student was shot by UCLA’S UCPD November 14th 2006, because he could not show his Student ID. He was shot 5 times with a taser gun. Police threatened to shoot students who got too close. The Student yelled out that he had a medical condition, but the cops kept shooting…” 

Mostafa Tabatabainejad, a UCLA student of Iranian descent refused to show his ID when asked because “he thought he was being singled out because of his Middle Eastern appearance.” (LA Times article about the incident.) UCLA students have organized a protest for today (specifically warning against rioters and instigators), and CAIR-LA has called for an independent investigation into the case. Earlier, in an apparently unrelated development, a manufacturer of the device honored four police officers for “extraordinary use of taser guns to save lives (related article.)

Needless to say, the incident should be investigated and the officers involved rebuked for excessive use of force.

However, if the singling out of the Iranian student and the excessive use of force against him is proven to to be motivated by the student’s Muslim/Middle Eastern heritage, as it appears to be, then it is symptomatic of a wider problem in the attitude of the law enforcement officials towards, and in their dealings with persons of Muslim/Middle Eastern/South Asian descent (a problem not without precedents in the case of other minorities in this country) and should be debated vigorously.

Thanks to hatif for the heads-up.


3 Responses to Disturbing Incident of Police Brutality in UCLA

  1. kkk says:

    عج انسان هاي وحشي

  2. […] Thanks also to a crude cell-phone video of the incident of police brutality against an Iranian student on UCLA campus (see my earlier post) the issue has received much attention. […]

  3. Shahin says:

    Shame on the American police and all those who support American brutality in the world.

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