Don’t Miss this Weekend

1. Ted Koppel reporting on Iran – The veteran journalist who conscientiously objected to the dismal, ratings-driven state of cable news and resigned as ABC Nightline’s longtime host was granted rare access to various levels of Iranian life and is premiering his gatherings this Sunday at 9pm EST on Discovery Channel. The title (“Koppel: Iran – The most Dangerous Nation“) while seemingly alarmist (I think it is), is intriguing nonetheless. Maybe I will write a review here after I watch it. Note: If you are into podcasts, subscribe to Discovery’s video podcast “Ask Ted Koppel,” where in the latest episode Ted answers a question I sent in (there goes all my anonymity!) on whether after the Democratic victory in the US Congress committment to Afghanistan will wane.

2. Two veritable Kings and one Queen of comedy get together on Saturday to host Comic Relief 2006 for Hurricane Katrina. Billy Cystal, Whoopie Goldberg, and Robin Williams are co-hosting -do you need any other reasons? Yes? John Stewart and Stephan Colbert will make appearances too. I am especially a big fan of Robin William’s brand of wit and humor (next to George Carlin whimsical linguistic observations of course.) Comic Relef 2006 airs live this Saturday at 9pm EST on HBO and TBS.


One Response to Don’t Miss this Weekend

  1. hatif says:

    dear hamisha
    did you hear about an Iranian student getting tasered by cops in a Los Anjeles library? you can watch it on Utube.

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