Update on UCLA Police Brutality

Power to the People! Thanks to YouTube!

Thanks also to a crude cell-phone video of the incident of police brutality against an Iranian student on UCLA campus (see my earlier post) the issue has received much attention.

  • For the third day in a row the video is the most linked-to video on Technorati, prompting this insightful post (Candid Cameras) from Dan Glaister on Guardian’s blog Comment is Free. Consider posting a link to the video from your blog.
  • UCLA officials has taken notice and have ordered an independent investigation into the case. (This was recommended by CAIR-LA earlier.)
  • More interestingly, the government of the Islamic Republic has sent its two cents on the matter: In a statement issues Saturday, Iran’s foreign ministry has said that the incident has “hurt the feelings of the Iranian nation.” (It strikes me that the government of Iran lacks the credibility to defend students and to debate brutality against them.

I will fallow this issue over the next few days and report any further developments. It is important that his incident not go unnoticed, and if proven to be motivated by religious or racial intolerance, it should provide the starting point for a long-awaited debate on the matter.


2 Responses to Update on UCLA Police Brutality

  1. hatif says:

    dear hamisha,
    thanks for the update. It is nothing but rediculous on the part of Iranian government to defend an Iranian student’s rights in US. we know how that government protects the rights of its citizens.

  2. Roya says:

    It really shocked me! Thanks for sharing this here. I look forward to reading ur update regarding this issue.

    — nice template and indeed excellent posts.

    Good luck.

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