Weekend Reading 1

Starting with this weekend, I will try to post two or three “recommended readings” every Friday. The theme will reflect that of this blog’s, that is to say there will be no particular theme. Just stuff from all over the place that I have read and liked (I will not recommend something I have not read myself.) These will be essays/articles/poems/blog entries that have struck my own idiosyncratic fancy and you are at liberty to read them or not -they do come highly recommended however.

So how is this any different from my usual posts (that mostly bear links to other readings too)? The answer is, they will not be accompanied by my usually excessive and long-winded extrapolation and commentary. Just for you to read. Maybe through the comments section you can share your thoughts, though with so many lurkers I highly doubt that.

So on to the first weekend’s readings:



4 Responses to Weekend Reading 1

  1. Hamesha;

    Thank you for your interest.

    Now where do you want me to send you the Iranian porn DVDs? E-mail me your address.

    Oh, was I supposed to not say that on live blog? Oops…

  2. Oh by the way, following your comment on one of my posts (“My Kind of Exile”, I believe), there is a book that you may find interesting: “Yearning for the Land.” I can loan it to you, if you agree not to go “afghaniyat” on me.

    I will sent it along with the Iranian porn DVDs. ;)

  3. safrang says:

    Thanks DD but I think I will take the book (yearnings) and the Anthony Quinn movie for now and be grateful :) I will send you my mailing add and an email.

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