UCLA Incident Update – III

As promised, an update on the Mostafa Tabatabainejad taser incident at a UCLA library.

  • For a balancing view, read these two: UCLA/UCPD statement on the incident, and CAIR’s Campus Martyr.
  • Some people feel that there has been a rush to judgement that this is an incidence of “police brutality.” While it is clear from the video that excessive use of force occurs, apparently there are strict technicalities for what constitutes excessive use of force and police brutality. Until the outside investigation reaches a definitive conclusion on the matter, the word to use is “incidence.”
  • Many feel that the issues has been politicized. Such issues usually are, and now in the era of YouTube and personal blogs like this, that likelihood only increases. For some, this is an automatically bad development -“politicized” is ia dirty word, almost like “perverted” or “contaminated.” While I do not agree that issue politicizations of all sorts are necessarily bad, there is a chance that the issue will become fodder for those who want to feed their narrow political agendas. The statement from Iranian Foreign Ministry comes to mind, for instance. It is important to be careful that these narrow politicizations do no happen. The Rosa Parks bus incidence was clearly politicized, and it provided the spark for a much needed debate on civil rights. That is the right sort of issue politicization, and the sort that is needed now when it comes to treatment of Muslims in the West (I would still argue that the treatment of Muslims in the US is far superior to that in Western Europe.)
  • The student, Mostafa Tabatabainejad, has hired a lawyer and is planning to file a lawsuit (federal civil rights court) against the police on grounds of excessive use of force and false arrest.


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