Case in Point – Self Delusion about the Taliban

This is what I mean when I say that people are in denial and self-delusion about the Taliban (read previous post):

“I am absolutely convinced that if we allowed Afghanistan to fall back into Taliban rule it would become a failed state again and a black hole for terrorism training,”(NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop) Scheffer told the Daily Telegraph last week.

Thank god we are “absolutely convinced” of that, because if not, it seems that Afghanistan’s reversion back to Taliban is an actual option weighed with some seriousness by NATO’s Secretary General. And the only thing that makes Taliban unattractive to him is that they do a bad job in keeping a functional state. Otherwise, well, they are not Jeffersonian republicans, or ardent feminists for that matter, but they are… all right… I guess.

Get real, people!

(Incidentally, this is the sort of thing that makes one nostalgic about the moral clarity and no-compromise attitude of the likes of Jeane Kirkpatrick in dealing with tyrants and totalitarians.) 


2 Responses to Case in Point – Self Delusion about the Taliban

  1. Actually, if one were to have “moral clarity” one wouldn’t have any thing to do with politics. Neocons only have “good intentions” and as a German philosopher once said “the opposite of Good is good intentions.” Casesin point the mess in Iraq and the expediency of throwing bones to the forerunners of Taliban (who had totalitarian tendencies through and through).

    Much of what NATO says and does is posturing. The man has to sell a war that has become irrelevant to most people or is lost in the shadow of the Iraq disaster.

    I once bayed for Talib blood, but now am no longer sure. Most of them are stupid kids who never knew any better (now the leadership, they are a different matter and should be put on a lifetime chain gang). Also, the lines have really become blurry now. We have roving bands of thieves, former mujahideen, as well as Taliban running about raising a muck. While the Taliban may be stupid kids, the former mujahideen are not, in fact they are vicious (ironically, they are the ones who actually made Taliban look good, for a while at least, and provided a pet causes for the likes of Leily Helms and Hassan Kakar, not to mention the justification for Pakistani and Arab support for the Taliban).

    More importantly, we know the way cookies crumble in Afghanistan. The Taliban derive their manpower and support from the Pushtoon, and when push comes to shove, matters of justice are trumped by tribal loyalties. Try talking to Karzai in the absence of any foreigners about the Taliban, and he will pretty soon say “mardom e mas” [they are MY people] and that will be the end of that (I have this on reliable personal accounts). Have a foreigner around and he will sing a different tune, but then he is congenitally Afghan and there is nothing that could be done about that.

  2. warlordish says:

    Rule #19–decrees that “mujahideen are not allowed to take young boys with no facial hair on to the battlefield or into their private quarters”. Talk of moral-clarity here.,,1969136,00.html

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