A Troop Surge for Afghanistan?

As Washington is swept up in a frenzy following the president’s Iraq policy speech, it’s a relief to know that not everyone is oblivious to the disturbing fact that things are really, really looking bad for Afghanistan:

Hillary Pushing for Troop Surge in Afghanistan

“I wish we were discussing additional troops for Afghanistan. We are hearing increasingly troubling reports out of Afghanistan and we will be searching for accurate information about the true state of affairs both militarily and politically,”

In reality, odds are stacked against sending more troops to Afghanistan in the near future, and Sen. Clinton’s position may not actually be a “push” for a “troop surge” there as much as dictated by the need to respond to the president’s Iraq policy speech as she postures as a front-runner for ’08 elections. All the same it should have the effect of calling some attention to the situation in Afghanistan and keeping it from sliding off the stage (it has already been pushed out of the limelight.)

What is more likely to happen in Afghanistan is a decrease in troop numbers, as some NATO members pull out forces in the face of mounting political pressures at home (e.g. Spain.) At best the US will maintain its current troop levels. Instead, we may witness a change in tactics on part of the coalition forces (going after top Taliban leadership for instance, and should Pakistan come under the requisit international pressure and concede, possible cross-border aerial attacks on proven Taliban sanctuaries in Pakistan) -and an enlarged role for ANA troops.

(P.S. this author too has been swept up with a number of projects as of late and apologizes to the regulars of this blog for irregular updates.)


5 Responses to A Troop Surge for Afghanistan?

  1. hatif says:

    dear hamisha,
    good to hear from you after a relatively long break. once writing every day you made us – or rather me- expect to read your insights every midnight. As for Clinton’s words , it is tragic for us to see how our country’s political landscape is marked by the changes in Washington. How will we work with this in long run?

  2. safrang says:

    Dear Hatif,
    Thanks for the comment and the regular visits. You are right, I have not been as regular with my posts lately – the main reason being a sudden bout of lassitude and apathy, and if I am to deceive myself along with others, a pretense to being busy.

    As to your comment about how will we work with the fact that our country’s political happenings are shaped far away in Washington, D.C., frankly, I am neither surprised nor particularly upset. Recently I have yet again taken to reading Afghanistan’s history and the overarching trend seems to be that depending on who has been the master and the great power in any given historical period, the fate of little places like Afghanistan (in the words of Karl E. Meyer, paraphrasing De Gaulle, “the dust of empire”) have always been determined in their far off capitals – be it London, or Moscow, or Washington. Therein, in the distant past, lies the answer to what we are to do in the long run.

  3. […] notices some calls for a troop surge in Afghanistan that, though it may not come to pass, draws attention to the situation in the country and keeps it […]

  4. Registan.net says:

    Tides Are Slow to Change

    First, some news:

    Afghani intelligence claims to have detained a spokesman for the Taliban, Muhammad Hanif. He was the most visible media contact.
    Pakistan launched an airstrike on purported al-Qaeda camps in the village of Zamzola in South Wazirista…

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