A Fearless Voice

I look forward to watching the documentary Enemies of Happiness, and to someday soon meeting this fearless lady.

Malalai Joya

I can rarely bring myself to praise persons, but I firmly believe that notwithstanding any alleged past associations, what Malalai Joya is doing now is cathartic, and it is redemptive for our national soul – and there has to be such a thing as a national soul, because if not, then how could we all suffer from such a huge and terrible madness?

3 Responses to A Fearless Voice

  1. kabul says:

    دوست عزیز سلام،
    از وبلاگ تان دیدن نمودم. عالی بود. اگر فرصت داشتید، سری به وبلاگ من هم بزنید. من در همین اواخر وبلاگم را کار گذاشته و نام آن را گذاشته ام: عشق و آزادی. آدرس آن به شکل ذیل است:

  2. HATIF says:

    dear hamisha,
    i am glad that you are back.

  3. […] On a housekeeping note, this first ad will be done on a pro bono basis, because I recall having praised Ms. Joya as “a fearless voice” earlier on this blog. Potential advertisers may contact […]

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