Let Us Go to Mazaar, O’ Mullah!

(photo by safrang)

It’s Nowrouz today: the vernal equinox, the first day of spring, the beginning of the solar calendar, and the occasion for one of the most syncretic of festivals in the world: a cheerful amalgamation of Islam and Zoroastrianism, pagan rite and religious ritual, red tulip and the holy book.

This spirit of joyful syncretism is captured best in one of the oldest folk tunes in Afghanistan- one that goes through everyone’s mind at this time of the year- where a certain good-natured and blithe Mullah is urged to come partake in the festivities of Nowrouz.

Because in recent times spring in Afghanistan has come to be associated with the thaw that brings on the “spring offensive”, and because the spirit of the joyful Mullah Mamad jan has long died in Afghanistan and is replaced with the haunting spectre of another Mullah, we take the liberty to modify the old tune and urge the latter Mullah to forget the offensive and join in the festive:

Let us go to Mazaar, Mullah Omar jan!



(Thanks to Hatif’s comment admonishing me not to invite the Mullah to Mazaar -and by historic precedence I should know why that would be a terrible idea- I stand corrected. The line above was meant to imply:

Let the rest of us go to Mazaar, O’ Mullah!

Not that the mad Mullah is prepared to listen to either interpretation…)


7 Responses to Let Us Go to Mazaar, O’ Mullah!

  1. […] writes that spring has become associated with renewed fighting in Afghanistan in recent years and takes the liberty of changing an old folk song associated with Nowrouz (the holiday celebrated on the first day of spring) to urge a different mullah to come join the […]

  2. hatif says:

    dear Hamesha,
    Happy Nawrooz and new year. Best wishes for you in this year and in all years ahead.
    don’t invite Mullah to go to mazar!

  3. safrang says:

    Dear Hatif,
    Thanks for your note and kind wishes. Yes, I know better -by historic precedence- than to invite the maniac mullah to mazaar. I was merely pleading him to let the rest of us go there, hence “let us…”. Either way, I have a feeling he is not listening!

  4. wilwarin says:

    Dear Safrang,
    best wishes for this magic day….. those flowers are so beautiful, if only humans could be peaceful as them….this world would be only beauty and perfume.

    In stead, a big ‘spring offensive’ started yesterday….
    I just finished to write a post now on my blog….war in helmand.
    Are you in Afghanistan now?
    You probably know things better than me, but still I did a post on the last things that happened and the bulletin that Emergency did.

  5. Lorka says:

    دوست عزیز سلام،
    وبلاگ عشق و آزادی به روز شده است. گزارشی از سفر به غرب را می توانید در آن بخوانید.
    موفق باشید.

  6. Kayla says:

    Happy New Year and happy Spring. Do you happen to know the name of these flowers? Do they grow in Afghanistan?

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