Occasion for an Afghani Meltdown?

So yes, I was talking about meltdowns… A couple of days ago this writer had a meltdown of his own while thinking out loud in response to a post by Joshua Faust on Registan. (That comment concluded with: sorry, I am pissed tonight.)
The occasion for my Afghani meltdown then was a nagging feeling that Afghanistan was, yet again, being ignored by the big media in the US. If not for the aggregated stories that I receive through Barney Rubin’s listserve and the good fight that the blogger community puts up against relegating Afghanistan to the dustbin of oblivion, by relying only upon print medium (not to mention television) one cannot hear much about Afghanistan these days. Most Americans are at a serious risk of forgetting such hard-to-learn but pleasant-to-pronounce lilting place names as Jalalabad and Tora Bora.

Here is one more cause for concern: Time Magazine follows in the footsteps of Newsweek earlier to keep its audience in oblivion about Afghanistan. Read the story on Huffington Post’s Eat the Press. While the Time Magazine’s Asia, Europe, and South Pacific editions carry a cover story about Talibanisation, the American edition carries a cover story about, ahem, The Bible.

Time Afghanistan


3 Responses to Occasion for an Afghani Meltdown?

  1. Matt Weems says:

    How do you reach “Barney Rubin’s listserve”?

  2. […] to unsubstantiated speculations, Mr. Cooper traveled to Afghanistan yesterday shortly after reading this post on Safrang lamenting American negligence of the struggle in Afghanistan. As a reminder of how bad […]

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