No They Don’t.

Ever since reading this piece last week by Chris Sands of UK’s The Independent (“We want the Taliban back, say ordinary Afghans”) I have been meaning to write something long and insightful and engage in more shameless pedantry.
But then again there is little that even as insightful and erudite of a person as myself can write that could reveal the true extent of Taliban’s brutality and moral depravity as would a brief glance at their list of recent accomplishments. So I will just offer this cursory and hastily put together list, rest my case, and briefly say: No They Don’t, for Taliban’s…

> Brutally slaughtering Afghan journalist Ajmal Naqshbandi after releasing his Italian colleague in a deal that the government maintains also included Ajmal’s safe release (thus also proving to be a dishonorable group of bandits.)

> Murdering schoolchildren.

> Burning at least 130 schools during 2006 and murdering at least 20 teachers in the same period.

> Blowing up a UN vehicle and killing four Nepali and one Afghan staff of a UN agency in Kandahar.

> Murdering defenseless women and children.

> And the list goes on: introducing suicide bombing to Afghanistan and employing it indiscriminately in cities and public places, kidnappings, beheadings…

All these things considered, one either has to stretch, shrink, or otherwise modify the meaning of “ordinary Afghans” or that of the “Taliban”, or that of “want back” to be able to come up with a story like the one in The Independent UK.
We Want the Taliban Back, Say Ordinary Afghans? The ordinary Afghans that I know would say by an overwhelming majority that: No thanks, we don’t.


8 Responses to No They Don’t.

  1. Shaharzad says:

    I wonder which Afghans have they talked with, I know people from different parts of Afghanistan and they would say “No” to Taliban.. Some Media are strange, they write everything in order to gain readership…

  2. wilwarin says:

    I am sure they don’t.
    However I am also sure they don’t want Karzai’s government….have u seen what happened last night to TOLO tv?

  3. wilwarin says:

    Ah by the way,
    dear Shaharzad media are not strange, they are perfectly normal in their sick mind: they do that for profit.

    But we will change this, one day.

  4. wilwarin says:

    could u plz tell me what do u think about Rahmat Hanefi detained?

  5. Matt Weems says:

    There are some people in Afghanistan who feel they were more closely connected to the Taliban then to the present regime. They are Pashtun, belong to kinship groups connected to the Taliban, and feel they would benefit from the change. They are only a small minority of the Afghan population though.

    The media are not sick. They are just like the rest of us – and in this case probably not very well informed.

  6. jay says:

    The Media probably is not sick, but they just make up to attract attention or as someone mentioned above for profit!

  7. Matt Weems says:

    Why is it always a conspiriacy or selfishness? A western journalist talking to villagers in Helmand is going to hear angry ranting – he may generalize from that. Stupid, ignorant, but not an evil plan.

    It’s easy to rant against politicians, media and what not. But they are, more than anything else, responding to us.

  8. I really like how you stated outright that they “introduced suicide bombing to Afghanistan.” People don’t realize that suicide bombing has no real historic precedent in Afghanistan.

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