Safrang Reaches Farsang*

When I set out about six months ago with a renewed zeal and a shiny, new WordPress template to do my part in “filling the void of… serious English language blogs on Afghanistan reflecting the national perspective,” I knew I was embarking on what would be a quixotic journey.

Today, the battle against blogger apathy and editorial neglect of Afghanistan is still as uphill. Good thing a hopeless romantic like me would have nothing less.

Still, even a hopeless romantic cannot help being overjoyed when coming across things like this:

Overnight I have learned about two noteworthy incoming links to Safrang: first, a wholesome endorsement from‘s Eterazi-in-Chief (citing Safrang as “an excellent blog about Afghanistan”); and this morning, an email announcing that Safrang’s feed will be regularly included in the Washington Post-Newsweek’s blog PostGlobal as part of its daily “This Just In” feature. My heart beats like a dhol, like a dhol… dum dum dum.
The links are set to take Safrang breezing past the 10,000 visitors mark by the end of the day -a milestone.

I have been a longtime regular reader of both these websites, and highly recommend both to Safrang’s readers. (Both have been linked to in the links panel under “Other Links.”) I should also admit here and now that I have learned a thing or two from Eteraz about nonchalantly blogging about challenging issues, and writing about serious stuff without taking myself too seriously -all the while adding a tad of self-deprecation for good measure.

A word of welcome to the Eterazistanis and the readers of PostGlobal. Heartfelt thanks also to Safrang regulars who have stuck with this blog though hell and high water (notice no posts for the whole month of February? I promise such travesty shall not be repeated.)

Lastly, as a sign of coming attractions on Safrang, word to readers old and new alike: in a couple of months’ time, this blogger will journey 30,000 feet up and 10,000 miles eastwards to his native land. Stay tuned for Safrang from Afghanistan.

Safrang: Editorializing Afghanistan, Because the Wall Street Journal Does Not.

* Farsang: (Farsi) Milestone. Also an ancient Persian unit of distance.


8 Responses to Safrang Reaches Farsang*

  1. wilwarin says:


    look what is happening in rome for Afghanistan:

  2. Rohallah says:

    Javaid jan,

    I’m pleased to say that what you’ve achieved today has bocome an inspiration for the rest of Afghan young blokes who are as equally fired up with ambition to travel “farsangs” into glory.

    Today, we proudly take pride in ur milestone.

  3. Jawed says:

    Javaid Jan, Great Success!

  4. hatif says:

    dear javaid,
    thanks for the good news. an iranian’s letter to an american friend contained this sentence -in English-: ” now that everyone puts his head on my head and for a long time no happy water has gone down my throat, your news of coming to iran is my only hope”! اینجا همه سر به سرم می ذارن و دیگر مدتی زیادی است که آب خوش از گلویم پایین نمی رود. در این حال خبر آمدن تو به ایران تنها امید منه
    with the same sincerity i would like to say that ” now that i have become mad from the hands !of a lot of god-stricken people!” reading such a good news is a great relief. you are , i have always insisted, the great white hope of our people.

  5. Shaharzad says:

    Congratulations, you deserve it.. Keep up with the good work and we will keep reading your weblog and enjoying your insightful posts.

  6. homeinkabul says:

    Sweet. Good for you and for us that you are continuing to blog. As a fellow-Afghan, I feel obligated to add ‘Nomekhuda’ and look at my nails.

  7. Jawad Zeerak says:

    Javaid Jan,
    Congrats on this brand new, great achievement. This means more visitors, “More Regular Visitors” and we, The Readers, expect regular updates from you!

  8. […] progressive islam people [though I’ve no affiliation with them], now at I also regularly link to little guys still (and enjoy doing so). In fact, at .org I still share my frontpage by way […]

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