How’s this for an inspiring story?

I know this is no substitute for serious blogging/commentary on the situation here, but someone just forwarded this link to me and I felt a wee bit proud and wanted to share it with whoever still visits Safrang -at the risk of being accused of shameless self-promotion. (Also because it is a change –however small– from what you get to read about Afghanistan nowadays on blogs – which is mostly doom and gloom.)

Afghanistan Scholarship Rugs


In a few days I will be travelling north on business. Hopefully that will give me the right impetus to start blogging again. Life –so much has happened in the intervening period– and work in Kabul have joined forces and leave me little time for “informed commentary.”


4 Responses to How’s this for an inspiring story?

  1. hassrat says:

    HI dear jawid
    after best regard , let me know , whather you are in US or afghanistan . your purpose of travelling to north , brought me in doubt which you are here or there . any how im seriously looking forward to read your new and fresh written here .

  2. Khushal says:

    Dear Javed Jan,

    Great blog, it is really great that two young Afghans can make a difference and show to the world that we still can do it. This story is inspiring as well as encouraging that one day we all together will build our nation………

    keep up the good work!

  3. hadi1121 says:

    Keep it up!

  4. Shaharzad says:

    congratulations to both of you.. it indeed is an inspiring story… keep up the work and have a good trip to North.

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