A Strategic Change of Direction for Safrang?

This announcement will come as no surprise to those who have been reading these notes for a while. The past couple of posts must have seemed, well, a bit different.

Yes, drastic changes are afoot, and against all expectations -including those of my own- I will be blogging less of the negatives and more of the positives. I know -shocking. This rarely sounds like “the belly of the beast.”

The hard and unavoidable fact is that this blog is well-known all over the world for its bitter sarcasm (and for the self-deprecating humor and the humility of its author.)
Enough of sarcasm and bitterness. Enough of negativity. No more!

Back in the US, I would hear of all that was ‘wrong’ with Afghanistan and write about it. Here, the ‘wrong’ assaults your senses. Invades your world. Shrinks your horizon. And gets you down – down, down, down with itself into the abyss. And as someone very dear to me once said, “if you look long enough into the abyss, the abyss will look back at you.” And so here you have to look for what is remaining that is good and right – and grab onto it for dear life. To remain floating and sane. That, henceforth, will be the stuff of “Safrang” and commentary on this blog.

(But that may as well be Herat, which utterly confuses and makes a ‘pessoptimist’ of everyone!)

3 Responses to A Strategic Change of Direction for Safrang?

  1. afghanistanica says:

    That’s OK Safrang. I think I can carry enough sarcasm for the two of us. I can’t help you with the bitterness thing though. But I’m sure someone else can take that.

    Looking forward to hearing all about Herat and the various goings-on there.

  2. homeinkabul says:

    As I am trying to meditate my bitterness and fear away…I can’t help you with the bitterness either. Well, I think it seeps through my posts whether I like it or not, but I applaud your decision and hopefully will follow…

  3. Q.A. Shah says:

    First, I’m happy to see that you’re back to posting regularly. Second, I’m happy to see that you’re maintaining a positive outlook and giving us news and perspectives (cheerful as they are) that we likely wouldn’t get otherwise. I assume, also, that with your default temperament, they posts wont be irrational or naively construed. Also, I commend you on being able to aim for something I wasn’t able to muster up the hope to do…

    …hope all is well and that you’re safe and sound. Enjoy Herat…q

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