A Woman Among Warlords

It is not everyday that I get emails addressed “Dear Editor,” imploring me to use my large readership to spread the word about a new film. So when I got an email from WMM about Eva Mulvad’s film “The Enemies of Happiness,” and thought about the possible royalties that could flow from rendering similar services for studios and publishing houses, I decided to do this post.

Hear ye! Hear all ye left-leaning American voters with loose purse strings and heart strings:
The National Broadcast Premiere of “A Woman Among Warlords” based on “Enemies of Happiness: The True Story of A Young Woman Fighting for Changes in Afghanistan” will be aired on PBS at 9PM on September 11th.
For more information, visit WMM website.

On a housekeeping matter, this first ad will be done on a pro bono basis, because I recall having praised Ms. Joya as “a fearless voice” earlier on this blog. Potential advertisers may contact the sales and advertisement division of Safrang. Also, a review of the film is forthcoming on Afghanistanica.

While it has become fashionable among respectable and otherwise self-restrained bloggers -Farsi and English alike- who do not usually make it their business to approve or disapprove of other people’s behavior to write admonishingly of Malalai Joya, I am not hesitant to put myself down as one of her admirers. Mind you, I take this stance without necessarily approving of her methods, or those of her handlers. All the same, as I have said before, what she is doing now -regardless of her methods, and perhaps because of them- is “cathartic for our national soul.” I thought so before the French Elle Magazine got ahold of Ms. Joya, and before she was airbrushed and pampered and made presentable into the rather good-looking and chic freedom fighter that she is now, and I still think so.

joya farah


2 Responses to A Woman Among Warlords

  1. kabulaus says:

    i agree with you! although i dont agree with Joya’s views. i still admire her courage as being a fearless voice!

  2. najeeb ullah says:

    salam malalai joyajan chotori? ma az arabistan suadi shomara zahmat maydi ham khahar mohatarama man waqaan shomara har waqt dar roy safha talvazaun mabinam khosh hal may shawam wa bawojod msl shoma adm ha fakhr may konam shoma khoditan sar mayi milli kishwar ma hastin amrooz kishwar ma afghanistan bamisl shom adam ha zarorat darad yani shoma waqayaan dil sooz mardom bachara hastin wa koshish tan khidmat barai mardom mazlom bachara afghanistan ast wa ma az khodawand mowaffaqiyat shomara khahanam,khoda hafiz@najeeb ullah jafari suadi arab

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