From Afghanistan With Love #1: Baba-i Za’faran

Babay Za’faran

Originally uploaded by From Afghanistan With Loveّ

This man used to be a big-time Opium poppy growing farmer in Pushtoon-Zarghoon district of Herat. Then he shifted to growing saffron, and has since devoted himself to helping other farmers do the same.
For his services, he has been officially dubbed “Baba-i Za’faran” or “Father of Saffron” by the Ministery of Agriculture – he even showed me the certificate.
Besides showing Afghans’ obsession with bestowing the honorific “Daddy of this or that” on old (or dead) men, in this case, the deserved title is a fitting tribute to a wise old man.

16 Responses to From Afghanistan With Love #1: Baba-i Za’faran

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  4. q.a. says:

    Been a while since a post. Hope all is well. And, of course, Eid Mubarak…q

  5. Teresa says:

    Would someone be kind enough to translate into Pashtu – With love from Afghanistan – it is for a piece of art that I am doing for school.


  6. Yoka van den Berg says:

    @ Teresa

    I would not advise – at all – that you use this book ‘for a school project’ as an adult book generally and – also – has explicit erotic poems between the two virtual ‘lovers’.

    The true storey of what happens under ‘sharia’ that Apostates of Islam have no way out – except of course on internet writing poetry or in other writing vent their true feelings – about Islam’s oppression.

    Success with your project

    Yoka van den Berg
    One of the two poets in ‘From Afghanistan with Love’

    But if you want to ask me questions, please do:

  7. says:

    Написано конечно всё правильно, хотя и только поверхностно. В любом случае спасибо

  8. Шах says:

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  9. ух ти…
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    Конечно. Так бывает.
    Бесподобная фраза, мне очень нравится :)
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  10. TATTTHYMN says:

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  12. weipleleate says:

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