From Afghanistan With Love

Since Afghanistanica has taken to shamelessly stealing my blog posts, and since it has become blindingly clear that I cannot continue to rant as prolifically as I used to (in one notable instance replying a comment with a 30-chapter treatise), I have decided to steal one of Afghanistanica’s ingenious techniques for getting out of serious and effort-demanding blogging: Random Photo commentary (the other is the TOOCQ method which I shall appropriate in due time.)

Here on Safrang, the rules applying to the “From Afghanistan with Love” series are that the photos will come from my flickr photo stream and will all be taken by me, and save for the instances when I decide to post bad-hair day photos or of colleagues behaving badly, the photos will all have some sort of relevance to the “situation” in Afghanistan (I love how certain words in the English language quickly adapt to become shorthands and codes and save you paragraphs of description.)

We will begin the series with a photo of Baba-i Za’faran, with the attendant commentary appearing below the image.


2 Responses to From Afghanistan With Love

  1. afghanistanica says:

    I don’t “steal” you posts. I expropriate them for the good of all humanity, and with moral certitude.

    I’d say more, but that would be “effort-demanding.”

    Although I do agree with the “shameless” thing.

  2. safrang says:

    Well… since you put it that way, I don’t feel as ‘wronged’ anymore :)

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