Tribal Militia Plan (APPF) Gains Traction

Few ideas are so dangerous as this one. Few highlight the desperation of the international community and the Afghan government so well. And, unfortunately, few other ideas gain the traction and generate the momentum that this one has recently. We are talking about the ill-thought plan to re-arm illiterate, undisciplined tribal militias in the proximity of the capital to engage in the so called ‘self-defence’ and protection of the communities, all of this while up until recently one of the key challenges cited was the problem of illegal armed groups and the hundreds of thousands of AK47s spread all over the country. The Human Security Report Project has a dedicated page that traces how this idea went from a bad one, to a not necessarily bad one, to a secretly OK one, to an OK one, and is well on the way of becoming official policy and being implemented.

2 Responses to Tribal Militia Plan (APPF) Gains Traction

  1. UJ says:

    I think the strategy could actually turn out successful. Take a look at my assessment of Obama’s “grand strategy” and let me know what you think.


  2. anand says:

    The ANA and ANP should get $60 billion in foreign funding over the next decade. They should be the priority, not tribal militias.

    The fundamental problem is that there are too few ANA and trained ANP in Afghanistan.

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