What it means:

Safrang is an archaic word in Farsi. It means commentary or analysis.

What it is:

Safrang started out as a personal blog in the summer of 2004. At the time it served as a venting mechanism for the author’s existential angst and the frustrations of adjusting to student life in an American liberal arts college.

Over time, Safrang evolved into many things: a confessional, a “temporary autonomous zone,” a discussion on living Muslim in the West, a repository of web gadgets and links, etc. It also remained inactive for long stretches of time.

In the fall of 2006 Safrang made the shift from Blogger to WordPress. Subsequently, it underwent a series of drastic changes in outlook, writing style, and the material covered, eventually finding its niche in the discussion of Afghanistan’s current affairs and history.

Safrang recognizes that there is a dearth of serious English language blogs on Afghanistan reflecting the national perspective and aims to play its small part in filling this void.

Who is behind it:

A student from Afghanistan called… well, what’s in a name.

Okay, I know that’s not your real name. I am going to track you down and…

Hmmmm… I should think about that. And I don’t think I like your tone.

For now, here is how you can reach me: hamesha.safrang{at}gmail.com

The inexorable march of history? … Please!

Yes, that is meant satirically.

Still I insist that Afghanistan is an important part of it.

For more about this blog, read the following three posts:

> An Update About Safrang
> Abandoning Anonymity
> A Safrang Farsang

When not blogging here on Safrang, I take photos that I post here: From Afghanistan with Loveand post random things here: Hamesha- An Exploration of the Dionysian.

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(note: please use the main page for commenting, or if you want to contact me directly, email hamesha.safrang{at}gmail.com)

18 Responses to About

  1. Bob Canfield says:

    Thanks for linking to my blog. I have just discovered yours and will link to yours [assuming you don’t object]. I am very interested an impressed with your blog. Best, RLC

  2. Bob Canfield says:

    Your control of English is so very powerful; I did not believe you were an Afghan. You say you grew up in Central Afghanistan. Where? RLC

  3. Ajanzee says:

    Dear safrang, Salam

    Long time back I used to follow the Hamasha, to me it seemed very interesting and I really impressed for the way of writing. But unfortunately I missed you since than, and my mind misdirected and confused for your business, I thought very wrongly that you might changed your regular and normal interest.
    To me it was awful, because I remember from the years back, their was small little kid as an afghan student in county grammar school in Peshawar of Pakistan , He was running a magazine (jazinformag) for his schoolmates when he was in grad nine , its was so interesting and well designed and wonderful written
    To brief, the Safrang way of writing I have got some similarity between safrang and jazinformag, it once again reveal my past memory which I love it ,

    Therefore, I am feeling very comfortable and happy, because again I found my favorite and missing magazine

    I Love Jazinformag, Hamasha , Safrang, and you

    Wish you all success and always pray for your long live and success

    You’res ……..

  4. Janet says:

    I love your blog.

  5. Behzad says:


    This is a wonderful Blog, I am quite impressed both with your ideas and your literary abilities.

    Keep it up :)


  6. Abbas Daiyar says:

    Quite interesting blog. i invite you to visit mine at http://www.hazaranewspakistan.wordpress.com

  7. Ghaznawi says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have gone through all materials which were very intersting for me and still have not recognized your nice face.

    It will be hihgly good to tell about your own self and career . Thanks

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  9. Daoud says:

    Nice work. I enjoyed your blog.

  10. Hi Hamesha,
    Enjoying the blog. Would be grateful if you could add me to your blogroll.

  11. Lisa says:

    Salaam Hamesha, thanks for this blog. It’s so thoughtful and needed today…

  12. elyas says:

    Dear Hamesha tanks for such a nice blog..it s realy nice thought which u spread among ur nation

  13. Chris Holtom says:

    Thank you so much for this informed blog. I wish there was more of this insightful thinking and analysis made more public – the British public is not well served by its politicians or the news media on Afghanistan.

  14. Dear blogger,

    You have probably heard by now about the conference on Afghanistan being hosted by the British government in London on 28 January. Afghanistan: The London Conference is major event that is already beginning to attract headlines. It is anticipated that a large number of international delegations will attend, including an Afghan delegation led by President Karzai.

    You can find out more about the conference on the official conference website here: http://afghanistan.hmg.gov.uk/en/conference/

    On the conference website you can:
    • Sign up for updates on the latest information about the conference.
    • Ask questions directly to British government ministers using Yoosk. All you have to do is click the ‘ask’ button below the relevant Minister’s name. Questions will be answered promptly on the same page. The first batch of replies have already been posted.
    • Log on to watch conference proceedings live as they happen.

    I will be happy to answer any further questions you may have about the conference.

    Also, please let me know if you are interested in writing articles/blogs in the lead upto the conference. I will be happy to help or provide further information.

    With best wishes,


    Fouzia Younis- Suleman| Digital Campaigns Manager, Afghanistan and Pakistan policy | Digital Diplomacy Group | Communications Directorate | | http://www.fco.gov.uk | Visit our blogs at http://blogs.fco.gov.uk

  15. Z says:

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    Help put this idea, in time, to as many as possible, before “Clockwork Orange” (overpopulation), “1984” (high-tech dictatorship), cosmic collision, tectonic, economic or environmental collapse, or literalist contretemps. The cost of a full page national ad (sufficient to put RB to virtually all the world) would be repaid in no time, once all that money gets put to actual productive use, at pre-9/11 US annual defense spending of $10,000 per family. Ten to the power of ten (ten levels of groups of ten) would be sufficient to organize & unite all mankind.
    RB is very freeing. Because it always chooses the candidate in the middle, all who support it are perfectly top-dead-center, with no more need to fear. Politics will become a family discussion around the kitchen table, with no more jumping back & forth between extremes, or absence of the economists’ requirement of predictability for growth. All that’s needed is to let go of the nut & get your fist back out of the knothole, to free yourself, & to rest in the knowledge that RB will give us perfect Freedom & perfect Justice, at one & the same time, even if not necessarily in the form imagined, as if anyone would then care. Good enough for New Zealand, Australia, Kerala India, Iraq, London, Ireland, Cambridge Mass, Burlington & 95% of the townships of Vermont, Pierce County Washington, St Paul & Minneapolis Minnesota, the Utah Republican Party for the selection of statewide candidates, the platforms of both the Green & Libertarian Parties & 50 college student bodies across the US with more places coming every year, but not good enough for the rest of us? It must be in somebody’s interest! How can any wish it of others if they do not have it themselves? Having spent every spare moment from the invasion, to the vote on the constitution emailing every Iraqi I could find about RB, I would like to claim some little credit for the reforms they did adopt. No woman ever got pregnant to have an abortion, but RB will make the point moot. The only imaginable definition of Freedom (& Morality) is “Do as you wish, but harm no other”. The maker & sustainer of this world (& cosmos) could have no need of one bit of it. The fiercer the history of the planet, the sooner it would have been blissed out behind ethnic homogeneity, & thus democracy. Tax consumption, not investment, & spread the productivity around. All powers to their lowest appropriate level. All human evil is due to the out of phase fluctuation of population & food supply, so no-one alive is responsible for the mess we find ourselves in, except what they do now. Justice is the redress of past violence, Freedom the current absence of violence & nonviolence the only basis of all Morality. Just go out & collect signatures, asking those who sign to collect them for you as well. The more the merrier. (The “additive” form of RB is to count the first choices & if no-one has 50%, to add in the next choices, & so on until someone finally does.)

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